Batman: Arkham City PC finally gets updated on Steam

I was luckily not among those who had the displeasure of playing the buggy Batman: Arkham City on the PC. My coworker however, being primarily a PC gamer, spent most of his days following the game's release, complaining about how un-optimized the game is for PC's, that his latest save file was corrupted, forcing him to redo everything, that the save file which one day said he was 56% complete, was gone the next day, that the DirectX11 cut his framerate in half… the list goes on and on.

Luckily an update was finally released on the 19th, that should fix all of these problems and more.

Fixes that this patch addresses are listed below:
* Occurences of Save File Corruption
* Achievement re-locking issues
* Crossfire/SLI Issues
  – Graphical flickering
  – FPS improvements when running crossfire
* Instances of 32 bit memory problems
* Improvements to performance in cut scenes and death taunts
* Error messages removed when patching the game and improved patching process

So there you go Batman fans, your game should now be more playable, without the fear of losing all your progress. Yikes!