Batman Arkham City DLC Error Message Experienced By GameSpot Staff

It appears Batman: Arkham City might be experiencing some problems on the eve of it's official launch.

According to GameSpot's Kevin VanOrd, "Arkham City retail discs not playable for two members of our staff, due to bizarre DLC error message."

The message reads:

"Downloadable Content Issue.  Damaged downloadable content detected.  Batman: Arkham City will now return to the Xbox Dashboard."

GameSpot's Justin Calvert reported via Twitter, "It's happened on X360s both with and without Catwoman, old and slim, with and without save files for the game."

Unfortunately, there are no ways to tell right now if this is an isolated incident with just the Xbox 360 discs shipped to GameSpot or if this is a going to be a widespread problem with all Xbox 360 versions of the game.  Gamespot didn't receive the PC version yet and VanOrd didn't know if they'v ebeen experiencing PS3 issues.

Either way, this has to concern Rocksteady and Warner Bros who released a big update for Batman: Arkham City today, which VanOrd pointed out, didn't fix the DLC error.  This has been a brutal couple of weeks for gamers who have experience launch issues with big-named titles like RAGE and Dead Island.

The good news is Rocksteady has a day to find the source of this reported bug.