Bastion Now Available on Steam

Fans of Bastion no longer have to own a 360 to enjoy the RPG adventure. As of today, Bastion is now available for PC. Originally released for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the award-winning indie action RPG now offers high-resolution graphics and an all-new PC control scheme. Bastion can be purchased on Steam for $15 and will be released on other popular PC portals later this month.

Also available now is the highly acclaimed Bastion Original Soundtrack, which features 22 original tracks, including the much-talked-about “Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)”, plus never-before-heard bonus tracks all composed by Supergiant Games’ audio director Darren Korb. For one week only, the game plus the soundtrack can be purchased together for 20% off on Steam.

The story of Bastion revolves around a disaster called the Great Calamity, which wipes out nearly all of civilization, tears the world apart, and breaks it up into multiple floating islands. Players assume the role of The Kid, a white haired boy on a quest to restore the hub world of Bastion. To do this, he’s tasked with collecting Cores scattered across the floating islands. It’s a story of urgency and desperation, but also of hope and salvation.

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