Bastion team to return for new game, not a sequel

A Eurogamer interview with Bastion developer Greg Kasavin from Supergiant Games has revealed that the game's success has given the studio freedom to self-fund its next project and try something new.  However, the new project won't be a sequel to Bastion.

"Our stance around what we want to do in the future hasn't changed in light of Bastion's success," Kasavin told Eurogamer.

The indie action RPG hit, Bastion, has been a huge success recently passing the 500,000 sales mark.  With that being said, there are currently no plans for a Bastion 2, and Supergiant Games will be using that profit to fund future projects, which Kasavin was vague about.

"We're a long way away from being able to talk about that next project in any kind of detail, though, except to say that our core team will be sticking together to create whatever it is," he explained.

Supergiant Games remains adamant about not revealing any information about a new game, even if they have already begun working on it.

"We didn't reveal Bastion until more than a year into its development because we feel that games that aren't ready to be played aren't ready to be showed."

As for the possibility of the developers creating a Bastion 2, Kasavin left the idea open.  He did, however, point out that if they were to return to the Bastion universe it would be for creative purposes and not for financial reasons.

"We always intended for Bastion to be a stand-alone game though we did aim to create a rich world for it that could potentially support other stories," he explained. "I don't know if we'll ever go back to the world of that game, though if we do it will be at a time when the team wants to do that more than anything else. It can't just be a financially motivated decision because that's not how Bastion was created in the first place."

Kasavin ended, "Ultimately we have a lot of ideas for our future and feel that creating a sense of surprise in all our games is very important."