Banner Saga 3 Launches on Kickstarter

Stoic to finish the final chapter of its Viking-inspired trilogy

Banner Saga is an epic series about Viking-inspired people in a brutal tactical RPG. Banner Saga 2 was released not long ago in April and ended with more story to be told. Luckily today, a Kickstarter has been launched for Banner Saga 3.

The 30-day campaign hopes to raise at least $200,000 to bring the series to its conclusion. The original game blew away its initial campaign in 2012 and hopefully, the third entry follows suit. 

According to John Watson, co-founder and technical director at Stoic, "We’re going full circle and returning to Kickstarter where it all began. In 2012, the backers were instrumental in bringing the saga to life, smashing our initial funding target that led us to increase the scope, fidelity and production values of Banner Saga."

Banner Saga 3 Launches on Kickstarter

Despite the rise in success with the previous two titles, Watson says they want to use Kickstarter as a way to not take any outside funding, so there is no outside influence on the game's development in order to give the fans exactly what they want. "We’d love Kickstarter support to add additional features that are simply beyond our current budget”.

Banner Saga 3 returns with its beautiful, hand-drawn art style and famous difficulty as the series draws to a close beyond the wall of Darkness. As stated by the Kickstarter, it is "The End of it All"