Bang! Gunship Elite Goes Gold


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Game to hit retail stores in mid-July

NC July 10, 2000 Leading game developer and publisher Red Storm Entertainment,
Inc., today announced that its space action title Bang! Gunship Elite has
reached Gold Master. 


by Rayland Interactive, Bang! Gunship Elite is an arcade style space action
game with 19 missions across an unbelievably colorful, real-time 3-D universe.
Never-before used rendering techniques and particle systems drench this game
in breathtaking special effects and realism.  Bang! Gunship Elite will be
playable as both a single and multiplayer game, with up to 8 players competing
for universal domination on Mplayer and MSN Gaming Zone. A demo is now
available for play on the Red Storm Entertainment web site (


Gunship Elite will be distributed in the U.S. and Canada by SouthPeak
Interactive, and is shipping to retail stores July 19, 2000.


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