Ban hammer to drop in The Division over ‘next few days’; Glitch and exploit punishments outlined

You better watch out, you better not cry. Ubisoft is coming for you.

Ubisoft's The Division has seen its fair share of exploits and glitches, some of which have survived fixes. It has even been theorized by a Networking expert that The Division would need an entire re-write on the PC to be free of exploits. All of the issues have not deterred Ubisoft's goal of offering a "smooth high-quality experience" to players. 

In order to achieve their goal, Ubisoft has taken a few 'new' steps towards addressing the situation. In a lengthy post on the official Division site, Ubisoft revealed that they had implemented a new cheat detection that will soon be dolling out bans and suspensions to cheaters.

"First, we have implemented new cheat detection methods that have allowed us to identify many more players currently using cheat engines in the game. We have already caught more cheaters in the last few days than we had in total during the previous weeks. As a result, we will be handing out the biggest wave of suspensions and bans to date over the course of the next few days."

In addition to the new cheat detection system, Ubisoft has revised their punishment for cheaters:

"Second, when cheaters are caught, we will now apply a suspension of 14 days on first offense (instead of the previous 3 day initial suspension). Second offense will always be a permanent ban."

While those changes address those that openly cheat in the game, those that use bug exploits will also be seeing their own punishment:

"Sanctions will be implemented for players who repeatedly abuse exploits and will vary depending on the severity of the abuse, as well as the history of the player. Possible sanctions include character rollbacks, account suspensions and permanent bans. Those who encounter bugs during the normal course of play have absolutely nothing to worry about."

Ubisoft will do their best to 'dissuade' players from exploiting bugs and cheating, all the while they will be improving the gameplay experience by addressing bugs that are found.