Bacteria transforms non valued material into gold without the philosopher stone

Oh Middle Ages alchemists, how wrong you were.  The philosopher stone was never the catalyst required to transform lead to gold, no.  You were kind of on the right track through.  Who would have thought it was possible?  I’ll give you props for trying for so many years though.

Of all things, who would have guessed it would be a bacteria that would transmute something with no value to gold?  Kazem Kashefi and Adam Brown at Michigan State University discovered the bacteria Cupriavidus Metallidurans can eat toxins and excrete gold; through devouring gold chlroride this bacteria crates 99.9% pure gold.  Dafuq!?

Kashefi refers to this science as “microbial alchemy” and for good reason.  I find this news to be both awesome and terrifying.  I know this isn’t the case, but can you imagine if we could just turn and metal into 100% pure gold at will?  Farewell economy.  If our currency is based of gold deposits everything has just been thrown out the window.  Only bad could come from that.

[Gizmodo via MSU]