Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood ***Ship Date Set in Stone / Brand new Trailer / Official Website Updated

Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes
the Neighborhood

Ship Date Set in Stone / Brand
new Trailer / Official Website Updated!

Tuesdays are generally a useless day
in the middle of the week. Well not THIS Tuesday brothers and sisters….oh no! We
are going to kick this useless Tuesday in it’s A$$ with the concrete ship date
for Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood, a big fat official game
site update and spanking new TRAILER! Take a look below for the skinny on the
latest trailer and a full run-down of new offerings on the site. More BYW2 info
than you can bear to witness is a mere click away. The gods have spoken and
named the official day of release. Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the
Neighborhood will now officially ship on November 16th 2004 across North America
for PS2 & Xbox.

Brand Spanking New BYW2 Trailer – –
The ultra-hot band Hoobastank lays the sounds for this latest and greatest BYW2
trailer. This new official trailer is all about inflicting pain, and the methods
you will utilize to do it. From enviro-mental madness (not in the deep
fry….ouch!), to grappling mayhem…and yes…weed whackers. Feel the pain…

Click below for the blazing hot
stream, or full-on download…

• Backyard Wrestling Radio – The
revolutionary BYW radio returns with round 3 of offerings from the musical
meltdown of BYW2! This round we offer up 10 more a$$-kicking tracks from the
official soundtrack, all available for your listening pleasure. Check the list
below to see who’s playing right now. The sound of Backyard Wrestling is just a
click away.

• "F— The World" artist "Insane
Clown Posse" • "You And I" artist "Murs" • "We Gives No F—" artist "Insane
Clown Posse" • "Punched In The Nose For Sticking My Face In Other People’s
Business" artist "Boys Night Out" • "Laid to Rest" artist "Lamb of God" • "New
Direction" artist "Gorilla Biscuits" • "Not Falling" artist "Mudvayne" • "On The
Brink" artist "Sick of it All" • "On the other End" artist "Twiztid" • "Path To
Prevail" artist "Blood Simple"

• Game Info – Get the scoop here on
everything BYW2…from game features, up close looks at the BYW2 superstars,
locations, you name it and it’s here. Round 3 takes us deeper into the BYW2
world than ever before… – Superstars – Sunrise Adams, Ruckus, Ito – Locations
– Construction Site, Brewery

• Gallery – Take a look at 9 brand
new in-game screenshots, official artwork, and more jaw-dropping live action
photos from our event here in SF…sick!

• Downloads – You want goods, we
have goods. Everything from BYW2 wallpapers to AIM Icons…show your love. Be
sure and peep the newest BYW2 trailer with Hoobastank lending their musical

• Community – Backyard Wrestling has
always been all about the lifestyle. Want a taste of that lifestyle? You can get
it here. Get links to artists featured on the BYW radio, fan sites, and the
wrestlers themselves.

• Press – See what the professionals
are saying about BYW2 right here.

Don’t forget to register at the game
site for more exclusive info and overall BYW2