Aztez launches on PC next year

Aztez is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up that sports a mature theme and puts players in control of an Aztec warrior. Okay, maybe the "mature" and "Aztec warrior" thing go hand-in-hand.

The black and white visual style is splashed with red blood whenever players unleash a combination of light and heavy attacks or launch an enemy in the air, where they can then continue the combo. Those interested can test the most recent build of the game, available on the developers' website.

The game uses a "dizzy/death" system that allows enemies to be struck in succession with properly executed combos before falling down and rising in a dizzy state. Players can then top them off with a finishing blow or let them collapse on their own after a few seconds.

Aztez also features a world map that lets players choose which area they want to conquer next, instead of simply moving in a linear path. The game switches between 3D for the map and 2D for combat segments and combines beat-'em-up gameplay with strategy elements.

Designers Ben Ruiz (@BenRuiz) and Matthew Wegner (@mwegner) are creating the game, slated for a 2013 release for both PC and Mac.

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