Azarashi is an iPhone game by Cave Story creator Studio Pixel

Studio Pixel has just released a new game. It's not a sequel to Cave Story or a new, longer version of Ikachan. Instead, the man behind the hit indie game that's seen numerous releases since its debut developed a simple game for the iPhone called Azarashi.

Adorable seal kyechains appear onscreen, and it is your job to keep them from falling. Upon catching the keychains, your time is tallied up and saved. This seems to be the type of iPhone gaming experience that's intuitive and addictive.

Oh, but because this is a Studio Pixel game, the art is super cool. I mean, just look at those little seal keychains! The art style is pretty adorable, and it has a familiar charm to it.

You can download Azarashi on the iTunes App Store. It's only 99 cents, which isn't expensive at all. Check it out if you're in the market for a simple yet charming game.