Aww, yeah: Boot Hill Heroes meets Kickstarter goal

Four days ago I was asking you fine folks to support Boot Hill Heroes, the Earthbound-esque RPG from indie developer Experimental Gamer, on Kickstarter. Though the dev made it clear that it didn't need the money too bad, it was made known that creating the game's music would be pricey, so a lack of fan support could possibly resort to a slightly longer development time.

Here we are just a few days after that last news post, and Boot Hill Heroes has been funded. Suffice it to say that this is awesome, and I'm happy. If you're a fan of Earthbound, indie games, or RPGs, you should be happy, too.

The news was made public via Twitter when Experimental Gamer writer, programmer, and artist Dave Welch tweeted, "#BootHillHeroes has met it's funding goal! Now I stop following comments about it and get back to working on BHH. October is not far off!"

So now that the game's soundtrack has been funded and we know it's set to launch sometime in October, what do we do? We wait, maybe play some Earthbound, catch up on our backlog, or eat some fruit. Or, if you want, you can still make a donation on Kickstarter. You know, since the respectable gents over at Experimental Gamer need cash to support their "blow and hooker habits."


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