Awesome Ico: Castle in the Mist Translated Excerpt Released

Back in February, we reported that Ico: Castle in the Mist, a novelization of the PlayStation 2 classic from author Miyuki Miyabe, would finally be localized for North America after a seven-year wait. The novel is currently slated for an August 16 release, and fans of Team Ico’s games couldn’t be more excited. Recently, an English language excerpt of the novel was posted to keep fans appeased, but if anything, Ico fanatics might be even more impatient for the novel now.

The excerpt from Castle in the Mist is short, but it’s a great read. And it definitely makes waiting for August 16 even harder. I would like more excerpts to be released until then, but at the same time, I’d rather wait to get my hands on the complete novel and read it in full from start to finish.

The writing in Castle in the Mist is enjoyably atmospheric and surreal. I immediately fell in love with Miyabe’s writing style, and the descriptive phrasing is awesome: “The horse kicked his way through a crowd of stony faces. In the sky above, the woman turned her gaze to follow him. Lips of black mist pursed and she blew a gentle breath.”

Check out the full excerpt if you enjoy good literature and look forward to the North American release of Ico: Castle in the Mist. Also, be sure to pre-order the novel on Amazon so you can get it right at your door on day one. The $10 price tag seems well worth it.