Avoid the dark at all cost in upcoming first-person puzzler Lightmatter

Now you're thinking with lights

A mind-bending puzzle-adventure is inbound for PC gamers with Lightmatter. The nifty-looking puzzler revolves around lighting areas in a sci-fi setting where the dark literally is out to kill you. Lightmatter is coming out very soon, this Wednesday, January 15th on Steam. Check out the trailer here!

Leave it to small game developers to reinvent and reinvigorate gaming experiences with unique and sometimes outlandish ideas. What many here may have done in their childhood is the main premise of Tunnel Vision Games’ inbound first-person puzzler. You’ll play as a visitor of a cutting-edge technological facility that claims to have solved humanity’s energy problems. But things go amiss and you end up in grave danger where the only thing separating you from certain death is light.

Yes, the shadows and darkness itself is the enemy here with you having to think outside the box and solve puzzles and environmental dangers alike. Survive at all costs and make it out. Lightmatter reminds us of other greats in the genre which started to pop up after the brilliant Portal duology showed that first-person can be much more than just used for shooting bad guys.

An Homage to First Person Puzzlers
Play Tunnel Vision Games’ love-letter to the genre. Use lateral thinking to solve mind-bending puzzles with lights, shadows, beams, platforms, and lightmatter.
Starring David Bateson as Virgil
“Now that I’m thinking about photon power cells, let me test an idea on you. Have you ever wanted to stay awake forever?” Fan favorite, David Bateson leads as Virgil, CEO of Lightmatter Technologies
Virgil’s Vision For The Future
“Imagine at the center of a city, a CORE – providing sustainable and renewable energy to millions. That is the future we are striving for. ” What will you sacrifice today for a brighter tomorrow?
The “Aha” Moment
“If you are contemplating suicide, by all means – jump that gap with the lamp.” Lightmatter is a game of the floor is lava with deadly shadows and consequences. Examine your surroundings closely. Think smarter, not harder!

With light and dark being the major tools at your hand, prepare to use the environment in unexpected ways. Moving walls and machines not only change the route you take but also affect where shadows land and light prevails.

Together with the game’s launch on January 15th on PC via Steam, interested users can try the first hour of Lightmatter for free. So, make sure to give the game a try on Wednesday.