Avalanche Studios to Tackle PSN, XBLA Next

The team behind the Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios, is looking to enter the XBLA and PSN market with what they’re branding “a pretty cool little game.” The title will be announced next week along with the game’s publishing partner, so they’re not beating around the bush with specifics. Don’t expect to see any full-on reveals, though.

“We’ll probably show the game at E3,” Avalanche founder Christofer Sundberg told CVG. “It’s original IP and a pretty cool little game. It’s our first multiplayer title. There’s so much work going into the tech and game design of our bigger, more risky projects, we thought that we could use that on XBLA and PSN; that we could use the same tech and experience to create something that costs about as much as one milestone payment for the bigger projects.”

Would it be wrong to expect a game with quality similar to Shadow Complex? Developers borrowing tech normally found in bigger games and utilizing them in smaller, XBLA titles is a cool scheme, and everyone knows that Shadow Complex’s core strength comes from the super powerful Unreal Engine 3. If Avalanche uses even a fraction of what’s present in Just Cause 2, we’ll be in for one mighty ride, considering the game’s scale.

“We’ve built high production values on this title. It looks absolutely stunning. It’s been such a success internally, PSN and XBLA is now seen as a very tempting world to go further into,” Sundberg added. Would anybody else like to see more of Avalanche’s stuff? The Just Cause series is their only real stand-out product, as theHunter has been under pretty much everyone’s radar up until the writing of this sentence. The Swedish-based studio is reportedly working on a Mad Max adaptation by the name of Fury Road, but there are no details available.