Aussies Reveal COD: Black Ops Escalation DLC

The second map pack for Call of Duty Black Ops has been outed by GAME Australia, who let news of it slip in a digital flyer that has since been pulled. Titled “Escalation,” five new maps–one of which looks to be tailored for the zombie game mode–will dominate online gaming starting May 3.

As part of Activision and Microsoft’s exclusivity deal, the pack will hit the Xbox 360 first. PS3 and PC users can expect to receive the content roughly a month after, just like the first DLC pack First Strike.

You’ll be getting your dolphin dives on in maps that appear to be titled “Zoo,” “Hotel,” “Convoy,” “Stockpile,” and the zombie map “Call of the Dead.” This information is all speculative as of right now, but it seems legitimate. The flyer carries no pricing, but don’t be surprised to see the cost somewhere around the 1200 Microsoft Points/$15 range.

The second leak to come out of Australia: a new Burnout game was rated by their classification board a couple of days ago. Thanks, mates! Hopefully the next big reveal from Down Under will be the restart of production on the scrapped Brute Force sequel, or something.