Aurora Watching Enlightens Gaming

Enlight Entertainment Europe
Announces July Release of AURORA WATCHING for PC

A strange, almost magical glow
warmed the Northern gaming hemisphere today as Enlight Entertainment Europe
announced the July PC release of AURORA WATCHING, currently taking Europe by

Dropping red-hot action and ice cool
stealth gameplay into the frozen wastelands of the Arctic, there’s really no
time to stop and gawp at the Northern Lights in AURORA WATCHING. A Russian
submarine, the Komsomletz II, has unexpectedly sunk during manoeuvres on the
Barents Sea and intelligence has established that the area the sub went down
supports a suspicious military complex, the purpose of which is unknown.

Only one person can establish just
what the hell is going on and he goes by the name of White Fox. However, the fox
who once saved the world has been drinking, hard, for two years.

The gaming environment of AURORA
WATCHING takes place across many locations in, under and around an iceberg, as
well as in ‘das boot’ itself. The game features two camera modes, designed for
tactical planning and combat. Mini games, puzzles and high tech gadgets also gel
the action and stealth sequences together and context sensitive music charges an
electric atmosphere and delivers pace and urgency as the arctic adventure

No lone White Fox worth their salt
would enter such a potentially dangerous environment unarmed and players are
kitted out with a whole armoury of high-tech gadgetry and weapons. Starting out
with a standard pistol, firing both regular and silent ammunition, and trusty
commando knife, players can progress to pick up slain enemy weapons, including
submachine guns and sniper rifles. Alongside arms, a medical kit, portable
computer and distraction devices are also essential items to progress stealthily
through the game.

Developed by Poland-based Metropolis
Software, AURORA WATCHING incorporates RenderWare Physics for dynamic mini-games
and high performance human body simulation. Pixel shaders and scene
post-processing techniques result in awe-inspiring visual quality, while
retaining realistic hardware requirements.

"When the developer showed us this
title, we knew that it was going to be a must-have for all fans of action and
stealth games – this game has the lot," commented Howard Newmark, General
Manager of Enlight Entertainment.

AURORA WATCHING will be published in
the UK for PC by Enlight Entertainment Software on 29th July 2005, priced

More game information, assets and a
playable demo can be found on the official AURORA WATCHING web site at