Attack on Titan and Evangelion attractions open at Universal Studios Japan

Titans and Evas oh my!

Dammit Universal Studios Japan! This. Is. Awesome. Our Universal gets attractions like Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, while you get attractions for Attack on Titan and Evangelion? Tch. I see how it is. Oh, there are also Monster Hunter and Resident Evil ones as well because why the hell not at this point. These beauties will be open from January 23rd to May 10th.

The attractions include:

  • Evangelion: The Real 4D
  • Attack on Titan: The Real
  • Biohazard: The Escape
  • Monster Hunter: The Real

Examples of what to expect at these attractions consist of the Survey Corps first-person view of a battle between Eren’s Titan and the Female Titan from Attack on Titan. These beasts are made with “Clone-oids” which is advanced tech to recreate humans – creepy. The Evangelion 4D experience user a theater, motion, air, and water to create an experience like you’re watching it as if you’re there. No theater experience is complete without a broken Angel’s AT Field steamed curry buns – awesome.

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My jealousy forbids me from talking anymore about this. What's the idiom about pictures and words? Well, you’ll find images below. They’re awesome. Sigh.

Titan Fight

Titan Eat Fans

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