Atmospheric platformer The Swapper swapping to Wii U later this year, to feature near-PS4 visuals

After making the jump from PC to PlayStation earlier this year, indie starlet The Swapper will be coming to Wii U, Curve Digital announced today.

The Swapper features a cloning mechanic used to solve 2D puzzles. The game is built upon a surprisingly dark narrative and makes excellent use of its core mechanic when building its matching, almost dank atmosphere.  

A hard release date has not yet been given, as Curve only stated the Wii U version will release “later this year.” However, the studio did add that it will be “much closer to the PS4 version than the PS3.”

In addition, as Kotaku reports, the new version will make full use of the Wii U’s gamepad, including fully remapped controls an optional touch-only scheme.

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