ATLUS Games Announces Radiant Historia

In a recent e-mail to the Atlus faithful, the Japanese RPG publisher announced that they will be releasing Radiant Historia for the Nintendo DS on February 22, 2011. Recently released on November 3 in Japan, the team behind the game was composed of in-house Shin Megami staffers in addition to members of Tri-Ace, the makers of Star Ocean and Radiata Stories.

Similar to Square’s Chrono Trigger series, players will be traveling back in time to change the past and create a peaceful/proper future. In addition, travel between parallel worlds will also be possible. Every time the player makes a choice in the story it will either affect the future for the better or worse and, just like Chrono, enemies are visible on the field and can be engaged or avoided.

As an added bonus, Atlus will be bundling a free music CD featuring piano arrangements of the game’s soundtrack from composer Yoko Shimomura.

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