Atlus Discusses the Map Maker in Steal Princess for Nintendo DS

February 26, 2009

Discusses the Map Maker in Steal Princess for Nintendo DS

A Closer Look at the Map Creation
Tool in Steal Princess for Nintendo DS

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today offered
gamers a closer look at the map creation tool from Steal Princess, an upcoming
puzzle/platforming genre-bender for Nintendo DS. The robust map creator allows
players to create their very own mind-numbingly perplexing levels, filled with
challenging obstacles and monsters.

Click here to download
a new Steal Princess video.

Unlock a wide selection of tools!

You will have access to any of the worlds, weapons, items, traps, and
enemies you encounter in Story Mode. Simply unlock them with the gems you find
hidden around the game, and you will be able to add any number fiendish
challenges to your custom levels. Create a stage that’ll leave your friends in

Endless Customization!
Nearly every aspect of a level in the Steal Princess Map Maker mode is
customizable. Choose your map size, design the basic lay of the land, implement
more sophisticated elements (e.g. moving platforms, lifts, spikes, etc.), and
figure out where you want your enemies to begin and what their movement patterns
will be once the stage has started. Before you finish your map, you can choose
from a variety of victory conditions as well.

Sharing with friends means the
game never ends!
Using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, players can share their custom Steal
Princess stages with other game owners across North America. Sure, it’s fun to
hand your level to a friend in person and watch them squirm, but gaining
nationwide fame for your twisted stage designs is something few games ever give
you the chance at. And since designing your level is so easy, expect to see some
amazing fan-created levels!