Atlus Announces Class of Heroes for PSP

January 20, 2009

Announces Class of Heroes for PSP

Prospective students encouraged
to buy textbooks and swords early

What do you think of when someone,
some random stranger, says the term "dungeon-crawler?" Well, aside from, "Why
exactly is a stranger talking to me about video games?" or, "This person seems a
little strange," your next thoughts might include: first-person RPG action, deep
character and party customization, a fun premise, a story that you get to tell
as much as it is told for you, etc.

Those would all be correct, of
course, if you’re talking about the upcoming dungeon-crawler for PSP, Class of
Heroes. And, like all good RPGs, you’d only be scratching the surface. In the
grand tradition of first-person RPG classics like Etrian Odyssey, Class of
Heroes puts you in a world where everyone wants to become the next great
adventurer, out in search of monsters to slay and treasure to uncover.

The twist with Class of Heroes is
that you’re actually a student in an academy for adventurers, and each subject
mastered and quest solved is a step towards your graduation into full-fledged
dungeon masterdom. What’s more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a handheld RPG
with more content than Class of Heroes: over five hundred character
possibilities, over a thousand items to collect or craft, hundreds of foes to
defeat, and over 80 hours of hardcore, tried-and-true gameplay translate into a
heck of a lot of RPG goodness. Worried about battery life? Don’t be; you can
save at any time. How’s that for convenient.

Class of Heroes opens enrollment on
April 7th. Don’t forget your lunchbox.