Atlantica Online Brings Strategic, Turn-Based RPG Gameplay Back to the MMO World

October 30, 2008

Online Brings Strategic, Turn-Based RPG Gameplay Back to the MMO World

NDOORS Interactive Launches
Free-to-Play Atlantica Online

NDOORS Interactive’s free-to-play
MMO has launched. Atlantica Online brings classic turn-based RPG combat combined
with deep strategic gameplay to the online multiplayer world.

Atlantica Online’s combat system
draws inspiration from traditional RPG gameplay and merges it with heavy
strategic game elements with the mercenary and nation management systems to set
it apart in the MMO world.

The turn-based combat gives players
the chance to plan complex battle strategies as they control a party of up to 9
characters. Players can also form groups with two other players for a total of
27 characters in battle. Pre-battle planning will also be essential to success.
Players must pick the optimal combination of party members called mercenaries to
bring into a fight. This allows gamers to craft a different combat set-up for
each battle and take advantage of hundreds of possible skill combinations.

With the mercenary system, players
will recruit and develop mercenaries of different classes for their combat
squad. Players must plan how to best spend their limited resources to obtain the
optimal mix for their play style. They will be faced with decisions like would
it be better to recruit a new healer, an additional ranged DPS or should they
upgrade the armor for their existing front line tanks. Players will also need to
lay long-term development plans to maximize the skill combinations of multiple
characters as they level.

The nation management system allows
guilds to plan the conquest of cities and even whole nations. More complex than
simply engaging in PvP combat, guilds must oversee complex economies to keep
their conquests strong. While managing a town, they plan everything from
culture, commerce and industry, even down to the placement of buildings for the
maximum output. Successful rulers are rewarded with rare items.

Along with Atlantica’s official
launch, the game’s item mall has opened. The item mall contains many different
power-ups, licenses and scrolls to aid players in their journey to Atlantis.
Players can also take advantage of deals to get these items at a discounted
rate. Items range from $5-$20, with 100 Gcoins equaling $1. Purchased items are
transferred directly into a player’s accounts

“With Atlantica’s official debut
into the MMO space, we’re ready to turn some heads,” said Peter Kang, CEO of
NDOORS Interactive. “We’re very confident the market is ready to embrace
strategic, turn-based gameplay.”

NDOORS is also currently running a
promotion that gives players multiple chances to win thousands in cash and
prizes by participating in the game’s PvP area called the Free Leagues. NDOORS
is also hosting a satisfaction guarantee program. Putting their money where
their mouth is, NDOORS will give $20 to qualified players who no longer want to
play the game, Players have until Nov. 30 to win any of the bonuses or apply for
the satisfaction guarantee program.

Atlantica Online is set on Earth, in
a parallel reality that takes players through a fantastic journey to discover
the lost secrets of Atlantis. With its heavy emphasis on strategy, Atlantica was
designed to stand out amongst the ‘cookie-cutter’ MMOs. The strategic gameplay
incorporated into the turn-based combat, mercenary and country management
systems will appeal to strategy and RPG players.

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mall and promotions at