Atari’s Smash Court Tennis 3 predicts US Open winner!

August 18, 2008


Atari’s New Game Predicts that
Nadal will be the 2008 US Champion

The former number one tennis player
in the world, Roger Federer, is sinking like a lead balloon. First he fell to
Rafael Nadal at the French Open and Wimbledon, then he was defeated at the
Olympics by American star James Blake, and now he is going to lose to Nadal once
again at the US Open. Using the most updated statistics on Nadal and Federer and
creating conditions similar to those of Center Court at Arthur Ashe Stadium in
Queens, NY, Atari’s Smash Court Tennis 3 engine was able to predict that Nadal
will triumph over Federer on the hard court just as he did on the grass.

Tennis fans around the world are
holding their breaths anticipating a Nadal – Federer battle at the US Open’s
men’s final on Sunday, September 7, 2008. One of the four “grand slam” tennis
tournaments held throughout the year, the US Open begins on August 25th and is
the next opportunity for Nadal and Federer to come racket to racket since Nadal
stripped Federer of his status as number one in the world. After winning two
grand slam titles at the French Open and Wimbledon this year, Nadal will be
hitting his hardest to slice his Swiss competitor and pave the road to four
consecutive grand slam titles.

While Federer will play his hardest
to defeat his younger opponent and regain his title, according to the Smash
Court Tennis 3 virtual match, he will not be able to overcome the Spaniard whose
star is continuing to rise. According to the simulation Nadal will ace the match
in 5 grueling sets, further sinking Federer’s chances of a comeback. A video of
this exciting simulation match and screenshots of the two tennis pros battling
it out on the hard court are now available. Smash Court Tennis 3 will be
available tomorrow for the Xbox 360.