Atari’s Advanced Adventure Set To Stun Dragon Ball Fans

Atari’s Advanced Adventure Set To
Stun Dragon Ball Fans


London, UK – 9 March 2005 – Atari
today announced that the new Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure,
is scheduled for European release in spring 2005 for the Nintendo Game Boy
Advance. Based around the original Dragon Ball TV series it gives fans and
players alike the opportunity to play through the adventures of Goku in his
courageous search for the Dragon Balls. Featuring three different game modes,
multiplayer action and many un-lockable extras, Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure
is destined to be an essential addition to any Dragon Ball fan’s collection.

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure is
totally faithful to the original Dragon Ball story and gives players the
opportunity to experience all the key moments from the original Dragon Ball
series; the delights of training with both ‘Roshi’ and ‘Korin’ whilst on the
search for the 7 Dragon Balls, the 21st World Tournament, the attack of the Red
Ribbon Army, the chance to battle it out with Piccolo, and the 22nd World

"We are extremely pleased to have
Banpresto developing Dragon Ball Advance Adventure as they have a fantastic
reputation for developing quality Dragon Ball products", said Mathieu Piau,
Product Manager, Atari Europe. "The three different game modes add tremendous
depth to the overall Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure experience and players new
to the Dragon Ball world will find themselves engrossed in the childhood
adventures of Goku".

The three different modes of play
available are; Story Mode where players take on Goku’s adventures in platforming
action; One-on-One Battle Mode which offers players the opportunity to fight
one-on-one in arena based fighting; and 4 additional mini games; Rock Crushing,
Catch Korin, Small Fry Fight, and Bosses on Parade.

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for
the Nintendo Game Boy Advance will be available across Europe in spring 2005.

ABOUT BANDAI: Bandai Co., Ltd. is
Japan’s leading toy maker and is engaged in all aspects of the branded-character
business, including models, apparel, products for vending machines, candy toys,
processed foods, toiletries, stationeries, game machines and software, and
amusement equipment. Since, 1950 Bandai has had hundreds of hit toy products
including characters such as Power Rangers, Digimon, and Mobile Suit Gundam, and
products such as Tamagotchi, Primo Puel.

About Infogrames Entertainment and
Atari: Infogrames Entertainment (IESA), the parent company of the Atari Group,
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