Atari Announce Contents of EVE Online Retail Box

February 24, 2009


Extras Include Exclusive New
Ship, 60 Days of Free Game Time, Instant War Access and More

Atari and CCP, one of the world’s
leading independent game developers, today confirmed details regarding the
contents of the retail box version of EVE Online, coming to retailers in North
America beginning March 10th, 2009 and in Europe and Asia Pacific regions
beginning March 12th. The retail version of CCP’s award winning PC massively
multiplayer online game (MMOG) will ship with a number of high value extras
offering newcomers a rewarding first voyage into the incredible universe of EVE
Online. The Peak Concurrent User (PCU) record for EVE Online ‘s 260,000
subscriber single-shard game world has been broken three times in 2009, recently
surpassing the 50k mark with 51,675 players online simultaneously, proving EVE’s
long-lasting depth of gameplay and the importance of the players themselves in
its success.

The EVE Online box will include all
nine previously released expansions plus the forthcoming tenth expansion
entitled EVE Online: Apocrypha which introduces numerous new features including
unstable wormholes to explore and modular ships that pilots may tailor-build to
suit their own specifications and needs. All subsequent expansions will be free
of charge to all subscribers, continuing CCP’s commitment to offer free updates
and expansions to its subscribers at regular intervals.

Breaking with tradition, the
collection of extras will also include 60 days of free game time, a departure
from the standard 30 days offered for most MMOGs, allowing players to sign up
and get started without paying any subscription fees for the first 60 days of a
new account. Alternatively, the included game time may be used to extend an
existing subscription or be split into two 30-day codes known as "Pilot License
Extensions" (PLEX) that can be sold to other players through the in-game market
for in-game currency.

Players redeeming the code to
activate a new account will also receive these special in-game items:

    certificate allows rapid access to organized combat (through increased
    standings), helping new players get into the action quickly.

    via the website to allow for dynamic updates, the guide includes insider tips
    and tricks. VIP PASS: Use this card to invite a friend to try the game for 21
    days. When that friend becomes an EVE Online subscriber, you will get an
    additional 30 days of free game time.

    exclusive new ship, the Interbus Shuttle, will allow players to fly in style
    with an increased capacity cargo hold to ferry those extra crucial items at
    high speeds. Availability The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) for
    EVE Online is $34.95/ç39.99. Price in some regions may vary. Check with your
    favorite local or online retailer for availability and pricing.

About EVE Online Set tens of
thousands of years in the future, EVE Online is a breathtaking journey to the
stars, to an immersive experience filled with adventure, riches, danger and
glory. With nearly a quarter of a million subscribers worldwide inhabiting the
same virtual universe, EVE features a vast player-run economy where your
greatest asset is the starship, designed to accommodate your specific needs,
skills and ambitions. EVE offers professions ranging from commodities trader to
mercenary, industrial entrepreneur to pirate, mining engineer to battle fleet
commander or any combination of these and much more. From brokering business
deals to waging war, you will have access to a diverse array of sophisticated
tools and interfaces to forge your own destiny in EVE. Learn more and sign up
for a free trial at

Definition of Subscribers EVE Online
subscribers include individuals who have paid a subscription fee or have an
active electronic time code (ETC) to play EVE Online, as well as those who have
purchased the game and are within their free month of access. The above
definition excludes all players under free promotional subscriptions, expired or
cancelled subscriptions and expired ETCs.