Atari and Spark Unlimited Enter into Exclusive Long-Term Agreement



Developer of Award-Winning ‘Call of Duty™: Finest Hour™’ to Launch New Title on
Next Generation Consoles During Holiday 2006


New York,
New York, March 4, 2005 – Atari, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATAR) announced today that it has
entered into an exclusive agreement with Spark Unlimited™ for worldwide
publishing rights across all media to all future titles developed by the
award-winning creative team at Spark Unlimited™, the studio behind the recent
hit console game Call of Duty™: Finest Hour™.  In what is anticipated to be a
long-term development relationship between the two companies, Atari will seek to
foster new ideas and concepts for future forms of entertainment by drawing upon
Spark’s long standing relationships and experiences across a broad array of
entertainment realms.


The first
joint project, currently under development by Spark, is an intellectual property
with full multi-media potential, which Atari will look to exploit in film,
television and consumer products.  Currently in development for the next
generation of consoles, the project will be unveiled in greater detail in the
spring, with an anticipated launch during the Holiday 2006 season. 


 “Interactive entertainment extends across a full spectrum of mediums, not as an
afterthought, but by strategic design that begins with a comprehensive creative
vision,” said Jim Caparro, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atari in
making the announcement.  “We are focused on working with innovative teams like
Spark to launch and cultivate franchises which fully embrace the
all-encompassing entertainment experience.  With a track record for creating
compelling, unique stories and characters, Spark is an ideal collaborative


most recently developed title, the critically acclaimed Call of Duty™: Finest
Hour™ was released in November 2004 and ranked #5 among the best-selling titles
across all platforms during the month of December according to recently released
NPD TRST data.  The game recently received a BAFTA award for “Best Audio in a
Game” and was nominated in the category of “Best PlayStation® 2 Game of the
Year.”  It was also named "Best Military Game" at Spike TV’s second annual
"Video Game Awards” in 2004.


“To date,
our goal at Spark has been to create high-quality innovative titles that deliver
uniquely realistic and cinematic gaming experiences,” said Craig Allen, Chief
Executive Officer of Spark Unlimited.  “We are excited about this new
partnership with Atari in part because they have a proven track record for
publishing hit titles, but also because we share Jim’s and the Company’s vision
for creating titles that blend many expressions of media into a dynamic new
framework for audiences to experience.” 


Unlimited was founded by 27 of the individuals who developed titles in the Medal
of Honor™ console and PC series.  Members of the Spark team have worked on such
best-selling games as Medal of Honor Frontline™, Medal of Honor Allied Assault™,
Medal of Honor Underground™ and the original Medal of Honor™.


Spark Unlimited

Spark Unlimited™ is a developer of high-quality games for all console systems
including the PlayStation® 2, Xbox™, NINTENDO GAMECUBE™, as well as the next
generation of consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.  Founded in 2002 and
headquartered in Sherman Oaks, California, Spark Unlimited™ is an employee-owned
company that seeks to create artistry through technology for a global gaming
audience.  For more information about Spark Unlimited™, please visit our website



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