Atari and Cryptic Studios Ship Champions Online for PC

September 1, 2009

Atari and Cryptic Studios Ship
Champions Online for PC

Thrilling New Title Gives
Superhero Fans Opportunity to Become One-of-a-Kind Superheroes through Unique
Game Features

Atari Inc., one of the world’s most
recognized videogame publishers, and Cryptic Studios, creators of the acclaimed
City of Heroes and City of Villains are proud to unleash the ultimate superhero
universe: Champions Online is now available for Windows PC online and at stores
across North America and will be available in Europe on September 4, 2009. Based
on the award winning pen and paper role-playing game, Champions, from HERO Games
and powered by the groundbreaking Cryptic Engine, Champions Online taps into a
rich universe of heroes and villains with unparalleled intrigue and adventure.

Cryptic Studios, already a leading
developer and publisher of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs),
has taken the genre to new heights with Champions Online’s fast paced, “real
time” action combat and the power of total customization. Through Champions’
unique character customization tool the player can create and individualize
every component of their hero: name, back story, costume, powers and abilities
can all be modified in countless ways. In addition to allowing players to
transform into the ultimate hero, gamers can craft an enemy of the extreme
opposite, concoct a villainous history for their ultimate foe and guarantee
themselves a truly unique experience.

“Champions Online is a great
addition to Atari’s line-up,” said John Needham, CEO of Cryptic Studios. “After
considerable anticipation and excitement, we are thrilled to present Champions
to fans and gamers worldwide, and look forward to seeing what players create
with the game’s limitless customization options. We are already hard at work
developing new content and updates that will expand the Champions Online world
even further.”

Champions Online brings epic heroism
back to the MMORPG genre with depth that will certainly challenge the most
experienced online gamers, while its fast paced action promises to engage new
entrants to the online superhero universe. Enter a world where the diabolical
genius Dr. Destroyer has returned to wreak havoc. After he single-handedly
destroyed the city of Detroit, many thought he had perished in the colossal
explosion, but he is back to inflict his evil plans on the unsuspecting world.
Join with Defender and the legendary Champions to stop Dr. Destroyer and his
minions in an ultimate showdown of good versus evil.