At long last Doom Eternal launches on the Nintendo Switch next week

Slay on the go

Better late than never. That should be the train of thought for Nintendo Switch owners who have been holding out for months to finally play Doom Eternal. After a long wait, Eternal will finally launch on December 8th for Nintendo’s hybrid console. Check out the new Switch trailer here!

It feels like an eternity already that Doom Eternal launched. That’s not only because that was nine months ago but the world seemingly changed so much ever since.

Nonetheless, gamers on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One were fortunate enough to play the new Doom game to death in that time span. They even got the first installment of The Ancient Gods story DLC several weeks ago. All the while, Nintendo Switch owners have been watching from the sidelines.

Next week, on December 8th, Doom Eternal finally becomes available on Nintendo’s platforms. While late, the timing ought to make it a pretty badass Christmas gift. Be aware, there won’t be a physical release anytime soon though.

Together with the release date announcement, Bethesda also shared a new trailer. This shows native Switch gameplay which is abundantly clear thanks to its low resolution. But you have to remember. The Switch basically sports several-year-old tablet hardware. As such, it’s almost a miracle that it can play Doom Eternal at all.

On top of that, playing in handheld mode will help reduce the downsides of the lower resolution anyway. If the past Doom game on the Switch is any indication, Switch owners will make Doom Eternal a huge hit as well. Despite being available on other platforms, The Ancient Gods will launch at a later point on the Switch.

Bethesda’s support for Nintendo’s hybrid console is truly outstanding. With the company now being part of the Xbox brand, Doom Eternal could become one of the last Bethesda and id Software titles on the Switch, too.