AstroNest Goes Live on June 1st





goes live on June 1st




two months of Beta testing, AstroNest has gone live with its
unveiling of its Expansion Server.  AstroNest is a free
web-based sci-fi strategy game that requires just a web browser
to play the game.  Currently, there are over 10,000 gamers
registered and generating about 5 million hits (web traffic) a
month.  There is also an Astro Community site where gamers come
together to share their thoughts and voice their opinions.


are two promotional events set for June 15th.  First is the
Great Planetary Artifact Hunt event where gamers combat to gain
control of certain planets that have prizes hidden in it. 
These prizes include the Palm V, DVD player, Sega Dreamcast, Digital
Camera, and more.  Secondly, AstroNest posters will be
distributed on a first come-first serve basis to the first 2500


unique game features include:


– Battle
and cooperate with 20,000 colonies to conquer the galaxy

No plug-ins or downloads, just a web browser is needed to play

Advanced graphics with a easy-to-use GUI

Persistent universe game that requires only 15-30 minutes a day to

Ability to design your own ships

Marketplace where gamers control the economy by bidding for
Commanders and exchanging minerals

help including a step-by-step walk-through, newbie manual,
intelligent advisers, and an online help system