Assassin’s Creed Pirates is free this week on the iOS App Store

For the next week, iOS users can take to the high seas for free next as Ubisoft announced today that Assassin's Creed Pirates is featured as the Free App of the week in Apple's App store. If you recall, Assassin's Creed Pirates was released in December and we recommended you download it despite the game sharing very little in common with the actual Assassin's Creed console franchise (aside from pirates and ship battles). If you didn't take our advice, well, then good for you because now you can literally get it at no cost.

In addition to it being free to download, Ubisoft just launched the game's fourth update, adding new missions and ship customization. In the new chapter, you'll head to La Isla de la Juventud where you must destroy the jail fortress in order to free slaves from captivity.. By completing this missions you can unlock exclusive rewards. Also, a new daily reward system has been implemented, giving you increasingly valuable gifts for simply playing Assassin's Creed Pirates each day.

If you're a new player like me, then you can find a Starter Pack in the store. Several tutorials have also been added to help jump start your seafaring adventure.