Aspyr Media Ships New SAT Prep Video Game, futureU, for PC and Mac

September 4, 2008

Aspyr Media
Ships New SAT Prep Video Game, futureU, for PC and Mac

Interactive Test Prep Game Based on Study
Material from Kaplan

Aspyr Media, in collaboration with Kaplan Test
Prep and Admissions announced today that futureU, its new SAT prep video game,
has shipped to retail stores nationwide for PC and Mac. futureU, the first game
released under Aspyr and Kaplans partnership, represents a new medium for
supplemental SAT prep, adapting test preparation material into a collection of
fun interactive games.

futureU consists of six distinctive innovative
mini-games that are divided into three main categories Math, Reading and
Writing. Designed as a complement to traditional SAT study methods, the game is
grounded in Kaplan curriculum and features hundreds of questions and track-able
player progress. In addition, players can engage in a section called Test
Skills that teach the vital test-taking and time management skills necessary
for taking the big exam.

futureU incorporates a wealth of in-game content
that challenges and sharpens skills including:

  • Reading: Focuses on refining players reading
    skills, vocabulary, main idea identification, themes and arguments, technique,
    and recognizing word meanings based on context.
  • Writing: Concentrates on improving players
    writing skills by covering topics such as passive voice, run-on sentences,
    misplaced modifiers, parallelism, conjunctions, fragments, coordination and
    subordination, pronouns, subject-verb agreement, tenses, adverbs and
    adjectives, gerunds, idioms, wrong words, and double negatives.
  • Math: Enable players to practice critical math
    areas such as algebra, geometry, data, statistics, probability, polynomials,
    and sequences.

futureU for the PC and Mac is rated E for
Everyone by the ESRB and available for an SRP of $39.99. For more information,
please visit