Aspyr Media Announces North American Release Of Spellforce Platinum, Gothic II Gold, Silent Storm Gold, and The Guild Gold

Media Announces North American Release Of Spellforce Platinum, Gothic II Gold,
Silent Storm Gold, and The Guild Gold

AUSTIN, TX (October 10, 2005) –
Aspyr Media today announced it has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with
JoWooD to publish four of JoWooD’s award-winning compilation PC titles in North
America. This is the first time North American players will be able to purchase
SpellForce Platinum, Gothic II Gold, Silent Storm Gold, and The Guild Gold in
the U.S. and Canada. All of the compilations include the original title and
their corresponding expansion packs. In SpellForce Platinum, players will get
three games in one – the original, its sequel, and the game’s add-on pack. Each
compilation pack will sell for $19.99 and all are scheduled for release in
November 2005.

JoWooD CEO Albert Seidl commented:
“We are very delighted to have teamed up with such a young, aggressive and
exciting partner to establish our products and brands in the North American
market. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Aspyr, and are
proud to have our products placed in their incredible line-up.”

“Aspyr Media is very excited to
offer these JoWooD games which deliver tremendous value to their players through
hours of quality gameplay,” said Ted Staloch, VP of Aspyr Media. “These four
games have been extremely well received and we know they have a strong following
who have been greatly anticipating their U.S. and Canadian release.”

The four games, which offer a mix of
role-playing, real-time strategy and simulation action include:

SpellForce Platinum
SpellForce Platinum features three games in one box – SpellForce Gold Edition,
which includes The Order of the Dawn and Breath of Winter, plus the expansion
pack Shadow of the Phoenix. In SpellForce’s single-player action, players will
enjoy a unique mixture of RTS and RPG elements that offer the player exciting
gaming challenges through a persistent game world with a continuous, gripping
storyline and numerous sub-quests. While under SpellForce’s spell, player will
encounter more than 150 new items and 27 powerful set items (some of which can
be modified by the player). The game offers multiplayer action where up to three
gamers can play cooperatively over a LAN.

Gothic II Gold – Gothic II
Gold includes the original game plus its expansion pack, Gothic II Night of the
Raven. In this popular RPG of action and adventure, players experience a
storyline of intrigue and mystery as they wander through massive fully 3D lush
environments, where players may encounter more than 500 characters. With more
than 50 magical artifacts, such as rings, amulets and belts; 50 magic spells to
cast; and 150 powerful weapons to wield, players will have more than enough
power to take on Evil.

Silent Storm Gold – Silent
Storm Gold includes the original game plus its expansion pack. This game is a
true 3D tactical turn-based RPG set against the backdrop of WWII. In order to
win, players will need to successfully complete their missions through two
non-linear campaigns while fighting on former battlefields and battling a secret
terror organization. As a bonus, this Gold pack includes new mission goals, such
as infiltration of enemy buildings, destruction of enemy establishments and
assassinations. With an arsenal of more than 75 authentic weapons from WWII,
players will have the gun power and blade power to achieve their goals.

The Guild Gold – The Guild
Gold includes the original game plus its expansion pack. In Guild, players jump
into an authentic simulation of life in the middle ages. In this edition, not
only will players get to experience the original game, but they will also have
three new ranks/titles to choose among, five new offices and more privileges.
Players will also enjoy the three new levels, three new locations such as the
cannon tower and the Emperors Town of Nuremberg which is 3 times larger then
previous towns.

Aspyr Media will continue to expand
its PC line in the coming months. Look for more announcements for games
releasing from Aspyr in Q1 and Q2 of 2006.