Artist Greg Horn gets serious with SAM, and Miamis Flash

Artist Greg Horn gets serious with SAM, and Miami’s “Flash”

Comic book cover illustrator Greg Horn, best known for his work on Elektra
and Emma Frost for Marvel Comics, has had a busy year in the video game
industry: and there’s no let up in sight. Several new projects have found their
way to his digital easel from the world of video games.For game publisher 2KGAMES, Horn was recently commissioned to paint an incentive
illustration for the SERIOUS SAM 2 video game. The art work was distributed as a
pre-sell limited edition print available only through GAMESTOP/ EB GAMES stores.

As a bonus, the entire run of 8,000 prints was signed by the artist. “When 2K
said “limited”, I was thinking in comic book terms, like
maybe 500 signatures or something. I should have known– the video gameindustry is a different ballgame altogether… 8,000 signatures!! Luckily,
any comic artist worth his salt has developed a nice quick signature for just
these occasions. AND of course it pays to have a short name.”
Greg continues his sports-related work, this time for EA SPORTS with a painting
of Dwayne Wade of the NBA’s Miami Heat. The artwork will run as a print ad for
EA GAMES’ NBA LIVE 06, scheduled to hit stores this month.

“This was too much fun, especially since The Heat is my favorite basketball
team! I was excited to get the offer to do more NBA work, but I about went
through the roof when I heard it was Flash. It was a new challenge too: they
asked me to draw him in schematic/robot form to matchthe commercial campaign they are running now on tv. It was kinda likedrawing the directions for a model airplane!”

Horn’s previous sports paintings have been highly visible projects including the
Allstate sponsored US Olympic basketball team poster, and the Lebron James “The
Chosen One” billboard campaign for Nike. This ad will follow suit with print
runs in the Oct-Nov publications of Sports Illustrated on Campus, Stuff
magazine, Official XBOX Magazine, Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Monthly,
For European game producer HIP GAMES, Greg has just finished the packaging art
for two of their upcoming video games: GHOST WARS and CITY OF THE DEAD (a follow
up piece to last month’s print ad, this time featuring special effects legend
Tom Savini as a zombie fighter.) “I was planning on painting him with his crotch
gun from “Dusk till Dawn”, but I figured it
would never get past the censors.”

Greg has also provided some weapons
designs for the game. “ I have invented several new wondrous contraptions
designed explicitly for destroying zombie brains, but I have to give credit to
my wife for the “brain syringe"… yeah, she’s a real sick chick.
Maybe the most fun, though, is a cover for MAD Magazine: The 50 Worst
Things About Video Games. “ I grew up laughing with this mag… I almost
ripped open my appendix stitches reading it once! It was an awesome
feeling to play in the same sandbox as the greats like Jack Davis, Wally Wood,
and “the man” Sergio Aragones. Anyway it was fun to draw Chun-Li throwing up,
and Sam Fisher weeping… I mean, you have to buy the mag just to find out what
could make THAT guy cry?”

Greg Horn got his start in the video game industry creating covers for Future
Network USA’s best-selling magazines PCGamer and PSM. He was also the regular
cover artist on The Official XBOX Magazine for nearly a year and
a half. In all, he has illustrated over 40 video game related projects.