Artist turns Overwatch heroes in dogs

Because bark

It's National Dog day and that means that something must be dogified! Luckily, an artist handled the dogification of something that was definitely not a dog to begin with: Overwatch. Graphic design and illustration artist Lily Nishita (via GameSpot) took Blizzard's game and turned it into Roverwatch.

The artist used her powers to transform Tracer, Mei, McCree, and Widowmaker into dogs and it's something we never knew we needed. Let's be clear here, McCree is the best.

Of course, Tracer is a Greyhound, there's simply nothing else she could have been. Widowmaker is a Poodle and yes, she still has a shiny derriere (weird?). McCree looks like a Coyote, which just makes sense and Mei is a Chow Chow (not much to say on that one, it works).