Articuno appears to be caught in Pokemon GO

There's even video footage...

One lucky woman from Ohio might well have captured the first legendary Articuno in Pokemon GO, despite Niantic's rejection of the Pokemon's existence. 

The video footage, as seen above, seems to show the standard animations that we have come to expect in Pokemon GO, and even features what seems to be Articuno's roar. It does look real.

Kaitlyn Covey, the supposed new trainer of Articuno, said: “#Niantic gifted me with him,” followed by “It is simply the truth," which she posted on Facebook. Covey went on to show off an email that was supposedly sent to her from Niantic, which spelled Articuno as "Articundo."

One Niantic spokesperson has been quick to dismiss the capture. Speaking to, the rep said: "It’s either a spoof or someone hacked the game," while claiming that the developer is "looking into" the situation. 

There has already been a number of fake Pokemon GO photos and videos doing the rounds on social media so far, and it sounds like the developer thinks this is just more of the same.

So, what do you make of it all?