Armored Core: Nine Breaker Debuts in North America

Armored Core: Nine Breaker Debuts
in North America

Latest in Armored Core Robot
Action Game Series Offers 150 Skill-Sharpening Test Programs

LOS ANGELES, CA –05/17/2005 — At
the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Agetec, Inc., a leading publisher of
entertainment software, today announced the North American debut of Armored
Core®: Nine Breaker for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The
latest in the hugely popular Armored Core series, Nine Breaker offers a unique
dual-mode play structure, with Training and Arena modes. Training mode includes
150 programs in which players can test their customized "Core Units" and sharpen
their skills for battle in Arena mode.

(Click here for details) Developed
by FromSoftware, the Armored Core series has made an indelible mark in the
robotic action genre by enabling players to customize their Core Units with a
virtually unlimited variety of options, parts and weapons. Armored Core: Nine
Breaker continues in that tradition, while delivering unparalleled graphics and
some of the fastest battle sequences ever seen on the PlayStation®2.

"Armored Core: Nine Breaker offers
the ultimate challenge, whether you’re a complete beginner or a battle-hardened
veteran," said Mark Johnson, vice president of marketing for Agetec, Inc. "The
unique Training mode lets you start out at any level, then pushes your skills to
the limit as you face ever-stronger opponents in Arena mode."

Training Mode

The Training mode of Armored Core:
Nine Breaker includes several broad categories of testing programs including
Attack, Defense, Movement, Technique, Special and Overall. Each of these
categories includes a series of timed tests that users can progress through. In
all, a total of 150 different tests are offered.

Armored Core: Nine Breaker Main

  • Unique Training Mode

  • Over 20 Battle Arenas

  • Intense, High-Quality Graphics

  • Super-Fast Battle Sequences

  • Over 400 Parts for Designing AC

  • Converts Armored Core Nexus Data

  • Supports up to Four Players

Armored Core: Nine Breaker can be
seen by visiting booth W2660 at E3, where real people demonstrate real games.
For more information regarding Agetec’s entire lineup of exciting products visit  and go
  to get the scoop on Agetec at E3.

About AGETEC, Inc.

Agetec, Inc. is a world-class
publisher of award-winning software and hardware accessories for the North
American video game market. Agetec publishes many well-known brand titles,
including: "King’s Field," "The Adventures of Cookie & Cream," "Bass Landing,"
"RPG Maker," and the "Armored Core" game series as well as the growing list of
titles found in the A1 Games series. Based in Sunnyvale, California, Agetec
games can be found on PlayStation®, PlayStation®2, PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable)
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