ARMA II Website Updated

March 27, 2009

ARMA II Website Updated

505 Games and Bohemia Interactive
have leaked more information about ARMA II. This latest intel takes an in-depth
look at the huge selection of weaponry in this highly-anticipated military
simulator, and can be immediately analyzed at

ARMA II features 40
accurately-modeled weapons and more than 80 variations on man-portable rocket
launchers of both Western and Eastern origin, as well as a range of aiming
devices and accessories. The accuracy and power of each weapon has been matched
to real-life ammunition specifications, as well as incorporating feedback on
weapon behavior based on the real-life experience of Bohemia’s military
advisors. Not only does the ammunition type influence the power of a round, but
also the number and color of tracers, which also follow real-life

Each faction the player meets in the
game uses their own assortment of pistols, assault rifles, rocket launchers,
sniper rifles and machineguns. Special Forces use unique personal weaponry,
including silenced and camouflaged weapons, or specially designed configurations
typical of the Russian Spetsnaz. Government troops will use advanced anti-air
and anti-armor rocket launchers, while Guerrillas stick with older design guided
rockets and the proven RPG-7, together with commonly used sniper rifles, as well
as high-caliber sniper rifles in camouflaged variants to go with sniper ghillie

All weapon models have been matched
to real world schematics with extreme precision and, accompanied by a short
description and image, are being declassified in thematic groups every 12 hours
starting this morning.

ARMA II will be available in 2009.