Arkane Studios completely rebooting Prey 2, making it a spiritual successor to System Shock 2

There has been quite a large amount of mystery and deception when it comes to the rumor of Arkane Studios and the development of Bethesda and Human Heads' supposedly canceled game, Prey 2.

In May, sources told Kotaku that Arkane Studios was interested in continuing development on Prey 2, but weren't happy with the development that Human Head studios has done thus far. They even went as far to say that they'd rather see it as a spiritual successor to System Shock.

Today, Kotaku once again, has unearthed some details on the matter, thanks to getting their hands on some rather juicy e-mails from Arkane Studios creative director:

email Prey 2

Prey 2 email

It's pretty interesting that Arkane wanted to keep this project behind closed doors for so long, without letting anyone know about it. Going as far as denying any involvement with Prey 2. Even Bethesda themselves has denied any connection between the studio and the game.

However, does it does look like this confirms the rumor, and Arkane Studios is indeed working on Prey 2, as well as a follow up to their excellent stealth game, Dishonored.