Are you ready for 6 months of Sleeping Dogs DLC?

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has confirmed plans to release six months worth of extra content packs, including some that "explore aspects of Hong Kong cinema, and others that are a little more serious."

Speaking to OPM, United Front producer Dan Sochan explained that publisher Square Enix approached the studio "a few months" before the game shipped and said they wanted to do DLC for the game.

"So we made sure we could technically do add ons," Sochan said. Sochan was sure to emphasize that work on the DLC was performed once the game was "done and shipped out the door."

"We really spent every waking hour and then some making sure the game was as polished and as bug free as it could be," he said. In fact, Sochan admitted that the studio didn't even have an initial plan for DLC.

“Every contract is slightly different. More often than not with a new IP you want to assess the interest in the market, the consumers. How are people feeling a few months before launch? And you hedge your bets," he explained. “Square, from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise”.

One of the planned DLC packs include the already announced Nightmare in North Point, which is due out tomorrow in time for Halloween. Meanwhile, United Front will continue to listen to fan feedback as they determine what content will make its way to release sometime in the near future.

As for a sequel to Sleeping Dogs, Sochan said that the studio's main focus is "on putting out quality DLC."

If you still haven't checked the game out, Sleeping Dogs scored an impressive 8/10 for us thanks to a "wealth of gameplay to play with , including some combat that'll leave you smiling at all the chaos you create."