Are you getting the 3DS Circle Pad Pro today?

The day has finally arrived, folks. Today, Resident Evil: Revelations launched for the Nintendo 3DS. As you may already be aware, the latest entry in Capcom's survival horror-turned-third-person shooter franchise is pretty damn good. GameZone's own Mike Splechta gave the game an impressive score of 9 / 10 in his review.

But today isn't just about Revelations, though. No, today, something else launches alongside Capcom's 3DS title. It's something I previously referred to as a "ridiculous horror story."

That's right, the 3DS Circle Pad Pro has landed! You can purchase it at GameStop, and the retailer is offering it by itself or bundled with Revelations. Considering the game is a shooter, I'd highly suggest looking into picking up one of those badass Circle Pad Pro peripherals.

I've been waiting for this day to come. Truth be told, I think the Circle Pad Pro is a good attachment for the 3DS. I really just wish the system would have included dual analog nubs right from the get-go. That's my biggest problem with this add-on nonsense. But hey, if it works and it makes games like Revelations better, then why not invest in it?

Oh, I would like to point out, though, that even though the Circle Pad Pro may be functional and useful, it's still ridiculous. Just thought I'd mention that.