Apple reveals new slate of smart phones, including the iPhone X

It seems Apple is skipping nine and going straight to ten.

Apple reveals new slate of smart phones, including the iPhone X

Today, Apple held what is undoubtedly one of their most memorable events as they revealed not only the expected iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but a new and more advanced smart phone, the iPhone X. The X is actually pronounced ten (as opposed to the letter X) and is meant to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the release of the original iPhone. While we ignore the fact that Apple appears to be skipping over the iPhone 9 and going straight to ten, it seems that the company has created a whole new level of what they consider their top of the line smart phone.

The iPhone X is almost all screen, eliminating the physical Home button, going instead with an upward swipe from the bottom of the phone. As you might surmise, this eliminated the Touch ID feature of past iPhones, but Apple is replacing it with a feature called Face ID. Face ID does what it suggests; it unlocks your phone by analyzing more than 30,000 invisible dots that it projects on your beautiful mug.

The phone also features Adaptive Recognition technology through its new A11 processor, which can compensate for any physical changes you may undergo while owning the phone. So if you change your hair, grow a beard, or simply age, the iPhone X will still recognize you. 

The phone is made of a hearty glass all the way around and "surgical-grade" stainless steel on either side. The X clocks in at 458 pixels per inch, which is the highest ever for an iPhone and is also the first to feature an OLED display. 

The iPhone X, as you might imagine, is not a cheap phone, and will retail for $999. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus represent relatively cheaper offerings, beginning at $699 and $799 respectively. Pre-orders for the iPhone X open on October 27th, 2017 with a release date of November 3rd.

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