Apple interested in waterproofing iPhone 5 with Liquipel tech

Apple may have plans to include Liquipel technology in the upcoming iPhone 5, making the next-gen iPhone practically immune to water exposure.  According to ItProPortal, Apple is said to have been "impressed" with Liquipel technology, and insurance documents indicating a possible partnership between the two companies have made their way to the public.

Using the new Liquipel tech, the iPhone 5 would be treated internally with a thin layer of Liquipel's material that prevents water molecules from ever making contact with the sensitive phone's components. 

iPhoneFAQ has reported the rumor from a source in the UK phone retail industry, who claimed that "wording for insurance documents will be changed to accommodate the waterproofed iPhone 5."

Although these are currently rumors, I'm sure iPhone lovers everywhere are hoping for them to be true.  I don't know the exact numbers, but I'm willing to bet the majority of iPhone incidents are water related – be it pool, drink, or toilet water.  And don't you dare try to deny the third one, we've all be there before.

This isn't the first time we at GameZone have heard of Liquipel.  In fact, we reported on it back at CES 2012, when it was made available for demo.