APB Reloaded might hit Xbox One and PS4 next year, but Sony and Microsoft aren’t too happy about it

APB Reloaded is the updated and free version of the original APB, an online shooter which pits players against other players in gang wars. It will be joining the ranks of Free-to-Play titles on the PS4 and Xbox One like Warframe. While a solid release date hasn't been given, the release date time frame is mid 2015. This was announced at the Digital Media Wire event in NYC according to gamenguide.

However it seems like Reloaded Productions will have to figure out a way to make the migration from PC to console work, if at all, since both Sony and Microsoft wouldn't be too happy with allowing gamers to bring along all of their purchased items from the PC version, and then never having to spend a dime on their console.

This is actually a very similar issue that SOE President, John Smedley, voiced when we asked him about bringing the All Access membership to the PlayStation 4. The main reason All Access didn't make the jump to the PS4 is because Sony wouldn't make any extra money from microtransactions originally purchased on the PC.

Will Reloaded Productions have to cut the porting feature altogether, or can Sony and Microsoft figure out a fair deal for players who have already invested money in the PC port, but would like to continue the game on a console? It's all unsure, but regardless of this issue, they're hard at work porting the game over to the consoles. Given the long time we have until its projected release, we can hope that all parties come to some fair conclusion.