Anthem’s PS4 YouTube Trailer is actually the Xbox One X’s gameplay video with a Photoshopped UI

Secrets of the trade.

Anthem's PS4 YouTube Trailer is actually the Xbox One X's gameplay video with a Photoshopped UI

Gaming is one of the very few platforms that straddles the extremes of being simultaneously magical and soul crushing. E3 2017 is one of the venues where the magic happens in spades, but as we often see but consistently fail to learn, magic does not always equal reality. Anthem was one of this year's newest game reveals, and while its reception has been largely positive, it seems that the trailer they handed Sony to host on their YouTube channel is actually the game running on Xbox One X.

Here's the trailer:

As you can see from the images above, the UI prompts at the bottom of the screen are clearly labeled with Xbox One bumper prompts. If you slow the trailer down to .1 Speed, you can see the prompts fade from LB/RB to L1/R1 at about 4:38

This isn't all that surprising given that the demo is the exact same one that was shown off during the Xbox E3 2017 presser. While this is likely to spark fan debates, the reality is that this kind of thing happens all the time. In the past, PC's have often been used to "showcase" console games as both Xbox and PlayStation have consistently lacked the power that PC's can provide. The only difference is that an editing mishap has let a small industry secret out of the bag and that it deals with two heated rivals in Sony and Microsoft.

Anthem releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2018.

Source: [Eurogamer]