Another "Ultimate" Game

Even more fun on the run
Telegames adds another “Ultimate Game” to its portable lineup

DALLAS, TX (May 3, 2005) —
Telegames, Inc. is pleased to announce another installment in the successful
“Ultimate Games” compilation series for the Game Boy® Advance. This award
winning series is based on the simple formula of providing loads of content
within a single product at a reasonable price. Previous releases in the popular
series have included Ultimate Card Games™, Ultimate Brain Games™, Ultimate
Winter Games™ and the recently announced Ultimate Puzzle Games™.

Ultimate Pocket Games™ is scheduled
for release during Fall 2005. With a single purchase you get these nine games:
Blockout®, Pool, Racing, Hextris, 3D Ping Pong, Aquagems, Laser Run, Dogfight,
and Pinball. Each game is designed to be a challenging, but easy to
“pick-up-and-play”, way to pass the time. Whether you are riding in the car,
waiting for a bus or train, taking a break at work, or just relaxing at home or
on vacation, these games are sure to entertain.

Some of the outstanding features

  • Two player linked gameplay with
    only 1 Game Pak.

  • Challenging AI to play against
    computer opponents.

  • "Game copy" feature allows a
    sharing of games by downloading them to other GBAs for unlinked, independent

  • Almost 1 hour of in-game
    music…just like a music CD!

  • Demo modes are included for most

  • On-screen "Rules", "Scoring", and
    "How to play" instructions.

  • Save the game status, player
    statistics, and other options for later.

  •  PC-style menus allow easy
    and intuitive configuration of all options.

Additional information can found on
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