Another live-action Death Note film is on the way

Three is the charm, after all.

Reports are coming in that Warner Japan and Nippon TV have combined their powers to bring a third live-action film to the Death Note franchise. The film has no official title yet, but is being referred to as "Death Note 2016" and will be a sequel of sorts to the first film.

The film is set to be directed by Shinsuke Sato, the man behind Gantz and Toshokan Senso and should be entering production shortly.

According to Otaku Mode, the film will be set in 2016, where an information society exists and frequently unleashes cyberterrorism on the world. There will be new characters that inherit the DNA of Light Yagami and L emerge. This means that we will be seeing new characters with similar characteristics from the previous protagonists.

This film will continue on with the rule from the original Death Note that states only six Death Notes can exist in the human world at the same time. Other films, anime, and drama haven't gone by this rule, but with the film placing importance on this it looks like it could be an issue in the film.

According to translations of the teaser (below), there are several hints at what the film has in store for us:  “Light Yagami, Rebirth,” “L’s Successor,” “Misa Amane,” “Shinigami’s Eyes,” and “Note’s Seal.”