Another exclusive game teased for the PS3 and Vita, this time from SEGA

Oh look, yet ANOTHER PlayStation 3 and Vita exclusive. This time, it's from SEGA who has made live a mysterious site teasing a reveal set for March 28, 2013.

As you can see from the picture, there's not much to go by from the site, which has just the SEGA and system logos, some social media buttons, and the date. There is, however, a Flash animation in which some sort of powder, dust, or ash (maybe something else) falling from the middle into a little pile located in a field of grass. 

One thing is certain, it's a great time to be a PlayStation owner. Today's announcement comes just a day after Ovosonico, a new studio headed by Shadows of the Damned director Massimo Guarini, announced that it had signed on with Sony to bring PlayStation gamers another new IP. Again, we don't know what it is, but we have a feeling it's headed to the PS4. Sony certainly seems to be committed to delivering games, first and foremost, to its fans.

SEGA will unveil their new game on March 28, 2013. What do you think it could be?