Anonymous strikes back! Has the PlayStation Network been hacked again? *Updated*

*UPDATE* Apparently this was all a hoax, and Sony themselves announced on their Twitter that everyone's account and password are still safe, and that these claims were false. Time to calm down people.

According to the jolly fellows over at the Anonymous Twitter, it appears as though your passwords might once again be at risk. Anonymous stated that Sony was hacked and that the PlayStation Network has been pwned. Interesting.

If you click through to the link on the Twitter post, you'll see a long list of what looks like various emails that could possibly be PSN users.

Is this a scare tactic, or has Sony really been bested once more by the folks of Anonymous? We've emailed Sony to find out whether this is some sort fluke, or if this is the real deal.

Though just to be on the safe side, I'd recommend changing that PSN password regardless.