Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Releases on iOS, Android Early; Here’s How to Get 50 Free Leaf Tickets

Surprise! Animal Crossing crosses into mobile early.

Yesterday, it was reported that the latest Nintendo mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was set to release on November 22. We said it was coming in hot, but apparently, it was coming in even hotter than we initially thought. Is the oven on, or is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp at the door right now?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was announced as releasing tomorrow, however, it's already released on iOS and Android today. Was it a case of mishandled information, or did Nintendo decide to treat the digital world early? It's available now in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, and France. It's also possible that the November 22 date was meant for the Japanese market.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Releases on iOS, Android Early; Here's How to Get 50 Free Leaf Tickets

Officially announced roughly a month ago, this is Nintendo's fourth mobile game created in partnership with mobile developer DeNA. They've worked together on Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes as well. 

Pocket Camp, like the latter two titles, is essentially another entry in its respective series, but it has been optimized for a mobile experience. The scale is also smaller, taking place in a campsite as opposed to an entire village.

The goal of Pocket Camp is to convince the other animal villagers to stay around the campsite by finding materials needed and crafting their desired furniture. There are plenty of areas around the camp that can be accessed through your camper. The camper is also customizable, and real-life friends can check out your camp and buy items you may have for sale.

Much like previous Animal Crossing games, Pocket Camp will reflect a real passage of time. The current time of day and season will affect the game, with Nintendo launching seasonal events based on real-life holidays. These events will feature exclusive furniture, outfits and more.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Releases on iOS, Android Early; Here's How to Get 50 Free Leaf Tickets

But that's not all you're getting for this early Thanksgiving feast. We've also learned that you can get 50 free Leaf Tickets for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp through the My Nintendo program.

Leaf Tickets are the game's version of real-life currency. It can presumably be earned in-game, but by simply activating the gift through My Nintendo, you can get 50 for free. Check out the link above to cash in those free leaves! The game is available now for iOS and Android.